Luxusní venkovní vířivky na zahradu – Canadian Spa International® - technologie Gecko

Control systems Gecko — YSERIES — control systems are the simplest, most flexible solutions when it comes to supporting even the most complex array of spa add-ons and options. Gecko's control systems offer the kind of simplicity that makes for a genuine top-of-its-class product. It is the natural choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-understand multi-application solution.

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Chytré vířivky Spa Studio

Control systems Gecko — YSERIES — is the perfect solution to bring your customers’ spas to the next level. control systems are designed to fit in perfectly and to be easily installed, powered and connected to pumps and accessories of spas of all sizes and configurations.

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Gecko - kvalitní řídicí jednotky pro vířivé vany Spa-Studio

Control systems Gecko — YSERIES — in.yj

New in.yj is perfect system for any small footprint spa. Gecko's in.yj’s size offers the flexibility to be easily assembled in any small footprint spa, without losing out on functionality and options.

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