Flo-Master XP3


The power behind your spa’s performance.




Lattest pump of Gecko

The Flo-Master® XP3 pump, Aqua-Flo by Gecko’s latest offering in its high performance spa pump line, is designed for today’s large many jetted spas requiring increased flow. Our XP3 pump is designed for those discriminating manufacturers who want to provide their customers with increased performance achieved through efficiency rather than brute force.




With the availability of the new XP3, spa manufacturers now have a wider variety of options to offer customers… overall spa performance, reduced operating costs with increased energy efficiency or reduced costs.

The greater flow provided by the XP3 pump allows spa manufacturers to use more jets per pump or eliminates the need for a diverter valve which improves spa user convenience and lowers equipment costs.

The high performance of the XP3 pump allows spa manufacturer to use a lower amp pump and still enjoy the same flow rates received from a higher amp pump… making the spa more energy efficient and reducing consumer operating costs.

Spa manufacturers and retailers can provide their customers with a superior hydrotherapy massage and lower operating costs with Aqua-Flo by Gecko’s new XP3 pump.